Internship Program

Get your polygraph career started

If you are interested in pursuing a career as a polygraph examiner, GPN now offers internships for qualified individuals. If you are currently an examiner with less than 100 exams completed, this program could be for you. Note that this program is only available for examiners planning to work in states or countries that do not require a polygraph license. No customer referrals will be made to interns until the intern has completed an APA polygraph training program, and all exams must be supervised by a senior GPN member until the intern qualifies for regular (full) GPN membership.


  1. High school graduate.
  2. No criminal record.
  3. Resources to attend and complete polygraph school and purchase equipment. No referrals will be made until the examiner has completed training.
  4. Willingness to travel.


  1. Administer tests under the supervision of a senior GPN examiner (Mentor).
  2. 5% discount on primary polygraph training (at designated schools).
  3. Receive case assignments directly through GPN while you build your own business.
  4. Fast track to full GPN membership following the internship (with completion of 100 exams).
  5. Access to GPN resources such as members-only discussion groups, marketing materials, and more.
  6. Discounts on advanced training programs.


Interns must attend an accredited polygraph training school at their own expense. Interns must own (or have regular access to) computerized polygraph equipment. Interns must carry professional liability insurance and name GPN and their Mentor as additionally insured on the policy. When cases are sent to the Intern, GPN and the Mentor collect a portion of the fee. The Mentor’s fee will terminate upon completion of 100 exams when the Intern becomes eligible for full GPN membership.


Interns are members of the Global Polygraph Network, not employees or contractors. As such, Interns are responsible for all of their own taxes, licensing (where required), licensing fees, training fees, and other costs associated with the operation of a polygraph business. Interns (as all members) are required to use only Validated polygraph testing methods as determined by the American Polygraph Association.


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