Anyone can request a polygraph exam for any reason, provided the test does not violate any local, state or federal laws. The person taking the exam must be willing to do so, and can not have any physical or mental impairments that could affect the ability of the examiner to collect valid data. Note that in the U.S. there are significant restrictions on employers wishing to test employees.

Yes. Many clients come to us looking to prove their innocence to someone else.

If you are innocent, it may be a good idea to take a private polygraph. A large number of the exams we provide are in defense of criminal charges or allegations. While many (but not all) states prohibit using polygraph evidence at trial, it is still used extensively by police and prosecutors to help decide whether to move ahead with a case. If the exam is done through an attorney, the results will only be released if they are favorable to your case. If you have been asked by law enforcement to submit to a polygraph, you should not do so without advice from your attorney.

Yes, except in a few U.S. states where it is illegal to polygraph sexual assault victims (Texas and Washington are two of these states).

Yes, but only under certain conditions and if the state does not have a law prohibiting these types of exams. For more information about testing employees in the Unites States CLICK HERE.

Yes, of course. Many of our customers come to us because they were not pleased with the outcome of a previous polygraph exam. Not all examiners are created equal, and frankly some are not very good at their job. If you feel you received a substandard exam we would be happy to provide you with an independent test.

Yes, most of our examiners will provide polygraph services to sporting tournaments. Many of our members regularly test for fishing and bodybuilding tournaments. CLICK HERE for more information.


There are many qualifications you need to look for in an examiner. GPN has done the research for you. Each GPN members is screened so that you will only be referred to a high quality examiner. For more information CLICK HERE

There are many so-called examiners who are simply frauds. Don’t be a victim. CLICK HERE to learn how to protect yourself.

On our web pages listing the individual exam locations you can click on the “more info” icon next to a particular testing location for more details and background about the examiner who covers that location for us.

Our examiners are all under contract with GPN to provide high-quality polygraphs at an agreed-upon price. However, GPN is not a “yellow pages” for polygraph services. You will be hiring one of our pre-screened members directly, and customers must register with our headquarters before our examiner will schedule your exam. We will not provide examiner details without first receiving the customer’s information. If you wish to review the examiner’s credentials, these are available on our web site by clicking on the “more info” icon next to the testing location that you are interested in.

Most of our examiners travel extensively and none of them take walk-in customers. Exams are done by appointment only. In addition, most of our examiners use multiple facilities within a given area based on space availability, so the examiner does not always provide exams at the exact same location. The exact location for the exam will be given to you by the examiner when you book the appointment. If the location indicates “at customer location” that means we do not have a regular testing facility in that area and it is the customer’s responsibility to provide a suitable room for the exam.

This acronym stands for “Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing” and is a specialized certification for polygraph examiners who wish to provide testing for persons convicted of sex crimes who are required to take periodic polygraph exams to verify issues surrounding their parole/probation and/or therapy/treatment. This certification process requires the examiner to complete a 40 hour APA-accredited training program and to meet other mandated requirements.

Mechanical (or analog) polygraph equipment has been around for nearly 100 years, and some examiners still use this type of equipment. At the start of the 21st century computerized polygraphs were developed. These new systems included complicated chart analysis formulas (algorithms) and inkless display systems (on a computer screen rather than a roll of chart paper). Scoring of the charts is handled the same for both systems, but the computerized system has built-in aids for the examiner and prevents equipment failures that are sometimes experienced with mechanical equipment. A competent and qualified examiner can be equally effective with either system.

When an examiner is court-qualified, that means that the examiner has previously been permitted to testify in a legal proceeding by a judge or arbitrator. If you are planning to use your polygraph results as evidence in a legal proceeding, it is often advantageous to hire an examiner who has previously testified. Having this credential will make the judge’s decision easier regarding whether to admit that examiner’s testimony. This does not mean that examiners who have not testified are less qualified, however. Many high quality examiners have not yet had an opportunity to testify in support of a polygraph exam.

Michael has dozens of regular testing locations throughout NY, NJ, PA, DE and MD. Please visit the listings for these states and look for locations that have Michael’s name attached. If none of these locations is convenient for you, contact us HERE for a special quote for Michael to handle your exam personally. When you write, be sure to include your City, State, Country, number of exams you wish to have done, and the purpose for the exams.


Established in 1987, GPN is the world’s largest provider of polygraph (lie detection) services and referrals. With over 1,300 years of combined experience, we offer confidential testing on virtually any issue by experienced examiners and have hundreds of testing sites around the world to select from. With that much experience, we feel comfortable sharing the top ten reasons clients select the professionalism of The Global Polygraph Network.

  1. GPN examiners completed training at APA-accredited training facilities.
  2. GPN is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. You won’t be scammed.
  3. GPN rejects half of all examiner applications because they do not meet our membership standards.
  4. GPN polygraphs are conducted to APA and/or ASTM standards.
  5. GPN examiners put their results in writing at no additional charge.
  6. GPN examiner credentials can be reviewed online before you make a decision.
  7. GPN test prices are published in advance so there will be no surprises or hidden fees.
  8. GPN examiners will release their charts, upon request, so that clients can get a second opinion from a qualified Quality Control examiner.
  9. GPN examiners must maintain continuing education requirements through APA-approved courses.
  10. GPN examiners do not use unproven technologies such as voice stress analysis or “over the phone” lie detection.

GPN’s owner, Michael Martin, has been a certified polygraph expert for 30 years, has conducted nearly 10,000 exams, and has published two textbooks for polygraph examiners. GPN is the world’s oldest and largest polygraph referral service. All GPN examiners are thoroughly screened, and must meet certain experience and certification requirements to become members. While we do screen our examiners carefully, we also rely on customer feedback to determine if there are any problems we should be aware of. The Global Polygraph Network is also an Accredited member of the Better Business Bureau which tracks complaints and requires compliance with good business practices, and has given GPN it’s highest rating of A+. You can find GPN’s BBB information by clicking HERE

On our web pages listing the individual exam locations you can click on the “more info” icon next to a particular testing location for more details and background about the examiner who covers that location for us.

To read our client testimonials CLICK HERE .

Yes. CLICK HERE to read the full text of GPN’s Guarantee.

If the state or country requires a polygraph license to operate there, our examiners will possess such a license. Please note that in the United States less than half of the states require or offer licensing for polygraph examiners. In those locations where licensing is not available, customers must be diligent to check the examiner’s background for proper training and credentials. GPN does this background check (and much more) on every member before a client is referred to one of them.

Since GPN is the world’s oldest and largest polygraph referral service, there are a number of “copycats” who are pretending to be the “Global Polygraph Network” to fool customers into thinking they’ve found the real thing. Don’t fall for it. The real GPN is headquartered in upstate New York, owned by polygraph expert and author Michael Martin, and maintains a Better Business Bureau Rating of A+. You can trust GPN for your polygraph needs, but make sure you are dealing with the REAL Global Polygraph Network.

It is GPN’s policy that its members will not discriminate based on ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or handicap. However, in the case of cognitively impaired individuals, our members must assess the ability of that person as a suitable polygraph candidate.


GPN has nearly 500 testing locations worldwide, and each location commands a different price. Visit our Test Locations & Fees page to search for the testing location most convenient for you. The prices per exam will appear next to each location name. The average price for an exam in the United States is about $600, but prices vary from $300 to over $2000 depending on the location. To reach our Test Locations page CLICK HERE.

For the fee listed you will receive a polygraph exam administered by a trained and experienced polygraph expert at the location you selected. Once the exam has been completed, you are entitled to a written report of the examiner’s findings at no extra charge. The published fee is for testing on weekdays during business hours. Some examiners will charge extra for weekend and evening exams.

Polygraph examiners are highly trained professionals, most with college degrees, who provide a very specialized service. This service requires the examiner to purchase expensive equipment and pursue continuing education in order to maintain a high degree of proficiency. The process of asking “just one question” could take hours, due to the diagnostic process involved, so a single exam often takes an examiner an entire working day (including travel). In most cases, the polygraph is performed because there simply is no other reasonable way to get the desired information, such as when no evidence exists one way or the other, or when it is simply a “he-said she-said” situation. For example, in a fidelity case a person might spend thousands of dollars on surveillance while the same information could be obtained for a fraction of the price with polygraph, resulting in thousands of dollars saved. The fees charged for polygraph testing are reasonable when considering the cost of training and equipment, degree of specialization and worldwide need for this unusual service. GPN does not set the fees charged by its members.

Of course you can find less a expensive polygraph examiner out there, but how much trust are you willing to put in the results of a “discount” polygraph? Any examiner who charges less than $300 is probably using out-of-date equipment, has inadequate training, or has not kept up with the latest technological advances in polygraphy. We suggest that if budget is a large issue, look for qualified examiners outside of your local area and be willing to drive several hours to get there. In most cases if you are willing to travel you will find less expensive polygraph services by qualified examiners. The Zip Code Search feature (U.S. only) on our web site can help you with this search, and will list our ten nearest locations. CLICK HERE to learn how to protect yourself from polygraph frauds.

In most cases we do offer discounts for volume testing (3 or more tests). Please click on “more info” next to the testing location to see if volume discounts are available at that location.

If both parties in a relationship wish to be tested regarding relationship issues, most of our examiners offer discounts off the second exam. Read the “more info” section next to each testing location to determine if a discount is available for couples testing.

The fee listed on our site is the all-inclusive price for one polygraph exam with three or less primary (relevant) questions conducted during normal business hours. However, additional charges may be incurred for –

  1. exams covering more than three questions
  2. use of an interpreter
  3. use of audio or video recording equipment
  4. exams conducted after business hours or on weekends
  5. examiner’s testimony in court or other proceeding
  6. testing in correctional institutions
  7. sales tax if required.

Nearly half of all clients who schedule appointments without a deposit do not show up for their appointments. The deposit helps insure that clients are serious about moving ahead with their exams and are not using it merely as a tool to try to extort information from someone. The deposit is NOT an additional fee – it is part of the overall fee that is listed for a given location. The deposit also constitutes GPN’s referral fee. Your designated examiner may also request a second deposit to secure your appointment, but again, this is not an additional fee, just part of the overall published fee. In most cases the deposit is not refundable. However, if your GPN examiner declines to provide your exam, or does not offer you an appointment within 30 days, the deposit is refundable. If you (the customer) change your mind, ignore the examiner’s attempts to reach you, or cancel the exam for any reason, the deposit is forfeit and we must receive another deposit prior to scheduling with us a second time.

The actual deposit amount varies by test location. You can find the deposit amount for any location by clicking on the “more info” button next to that testing location.

GPN examiners will require at least 24 hours notice of a cancellation or the customer will be responsible for the entire exam fee. Individual members may have more restrictive policies. CLICK HERE to review the complete policy.

Deposits for polygraph services and referrals can be paid for by any major credit card, debit card, prepaid debit card, Paypal, or by money order. Regarding the balance of the fee, which is payable directly to your examiner, that is up to the payment policy of each examiner. Many GPN members accept credit cards, debit cards, and Paypal, but some do not. Please discuss payment terms with your examiner when you speak with him or her.

If you don’t have a credit or debit card, you still have three ways to pay for the deposit on your exam –

  1. Many stores sell prepaid debit cards which you can purchase. These prepaid cards (also known as gift cards) can be used to order services through GPN. Just make sure the card has either a Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express logo on the front. You can supply this card information just as you would with any regular credit card.

  2. You can use Paypal to pay for your deposit. Paypal is a secure online payment service which can be linked to a checking or savings account. Simply request that we send you a Paypal invoice for your deposit (valid email address required).

  3. You can mail us a money order for your deposit, but this will significantly slow down the process since your exam will not be scheduled until the money order has been received and processed at our headquarters

Once your deposit has been paid, most examiners will allow you to make payments towards your final balance. Understand that the exam will probably not be scheduled until the full fee has been collected by your examiner.

Yes. The prices that are published on the GPN web site are updated several times per week.

GPN does offer free polygraph testing at some locations, but there are requirements that must be met. Free exams are only provided to defendants in criminal cases where either charges have been filed or the client has been found guilty and is seeking a new trial. In exchange for this free exam, clients must allow the results of the polygraph to be released to the media regardless of the outcome of the test. Free exams are not available for civil cases or domestic (relationship) issue tests. Contact GPN owner Michael Martin for more details about this program.


Provided the test does not violate any local, state or federal laws, anyone over 18 can take a polygraph exam for any reason. Children under 18 can be tested in some cases with written permission from the parent or guardian.