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* See notes at bottom of the page for special instructions concerning “customer location only” exams

Elmira NY
(Chemung County )
$Not Available
(New York 20094)
$Not Available

*If the exam is provided at the customer’s location:

It is the customer’s responsibility to provide a suitable testing room.
The room must be quiet and free from distracting noises and other interference (ie. crying babies, telephones, television, nearby conversations). Room temperature should be between 70-75 degrees F (21-24 C). No one other than the subject and examiner (and possibly the examiner’s assistant or interpreter) are permitted in the exam room. There must be a table (18″ x 30″ minimum), two chairs and an electrical outlet. This room may be inside someone’s home or office, or may be a rented meeting room at a hotel. We do not recommend testing in a hotel room or bedroom, particularly with female subjects, for obvious reasons. This room must be provided at the customer’s expense, as it is not included in the exam fee.
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