Assignment Instructions


    1. LOG into your GPN portal to acknowledge this assignment and to make all updates. If this is your first time logging in, your temporary password is 12345678. You should change this password as soon as possible.
    2. You may call or email GPN to discuss any problems with this assignment, but barring any problems you should be able to update the status of this case in your GPN portal.
    3. Contact this client within TWO DAYS (by phone and email) to make arrangements for this examination. You must offer this client an exam date within the next 30 days at the location indicated on the client’s registration form. If you do not reach the client, you should attempt to contact the client once per week until the 30 days has expired. At that time, close the file and indicate that 30 days has elapsed and that the case is being closed. Please make every effort to accommodate this client without sacrificing examination quality.
    4. DO NOT close a file in less than 30 days if you have not made contact with the client.
    5. The exam must be conducted by you personally (or by another GPN member).
    6. We have collected a non-refundable deposit from this client. After assessing your fees to this client, you must deduct the deposit from your bill and collect the balance from the client. The deposit thereby becomes our commission for the referral. You may charge more than the quoted rate for testing on weekends or evenings, and in prison facilities, but only if this extra fee is published in advance on our website. You may charge more than the quoted rate for multiple exams on different issues.
    7. It is strongly suggested that you collect a portion (at least half) of your fee from the client once an exam has been scheduled. We also suggest you make sure in advance that the client understands the payment methods you will accept (cash, check, c/c). Review your GPN handbook for details.
    8. A signed doctor’s note should be required prior to testing if the subject is pregnant, has a heart condition, or has any other health condition that could expose you to liability.
    9. You must advise me immediately if you should decline this examination for any reason.
    10. Your online portal must be updated when you schedule this exam, when you complete this exam, or if the assignment has been canceled for any reason. If a credit card authorization was provided to you, this form must be signed by the cardholder (or authorized representative) and retained by you for a minimum of 6 months.
    11. If this client requests more exams than indicated in this referral – either now or in the future – you must collect any additional referral fees and send this fee to GPN directly. Each person tested requires a referral fee to be paid.
    12. When emailing anything to GPN about a particular client, make sure to include the client’s last name in the “subject” line of the email.
    13. If a client requests more time than 30 days to schedule an appointment, send us an email so the assignment can be extended.


  1. When you contact the client, make sure they understand you are a “Supervised Examiner” and that they will not receive test results until your Supervisor has reviewed the charts (which could take a few days).
  2. Coordinate the scheduling of the exam with your Mentor so the Mentor is available for consultation during the scheduled exam. Test questions (RQ and CQ) must be reviewed and approved by your Mentor prior to the testing phase.
  3. After administering 3 charts, remove the BP cuff to offer the examinee some relief. Evaluate the charts. If your preliminary (conservative) score is single digit, run 2 more charts. Don’t forget between chart stimulation.
  4. Following the examination, transmit your charts, questions and hand score with any notes to your Mentor for evaluation and discussion.
  5. When a final decision is agreed upon, you must transmit a draft of your final report to the Mentor for approval prior to sending it to the client.


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